Petroleum Free - Treeless - Compostable

We supply Bamboo, Wheat Straw, Sugar Cane, Corn Starch, Cogon Grass based products. Each of them chosen for their unique renewable and durability qualities. All our products are safe for food contact and medical packaging.

Quality & Durable Product Line

Our products are sturdy, durable, and function well in high temperatures as well as low ones. There is no need to sacrifice quality when going green. In many cases, our products are superior in quality to paper and petroleum based products.

Corn Starch Cup with Lid

Our cups and lids provide the end user with a green alternative that is free of plastics, foam, and traditional tree based paper. Made from 100% natural and renewable materials. According to Starbucks® Corporate Social Responsibility Report (Fiscal Year 2006) 2.3 billion disposable cups are used at just their stores.

To Go Boxes

Eco-friendly boxes to replace styrofoam for food packaging are now highly desirable. We provide a great alternative in sugar cane.

Consumer Goods Packaging

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) has become more prevalent since we are reliant on our multiple devices, including cell phones, tablets, i-pads, gaming systems etc. Though there are e-waste recycling programs available, many electronics are packaged in plastic and foam. Go Earth® has an entire line dedicated to custom Electronics Packaging for the consumer goods industry.


Our Earth friendly wholesale products are ideal for the food services industry, we provide quality tableware that is both FDA approved and certified compostable.


Our Earth friendly retail tableware is certified compostable, FDA approved, and far from boring. We provide an array of colored Earth friendly tableware, cutlery, and cups.


We provide an Earth friendly catering product line made from bamboo. The catering products are both sophisticated and durable.

Product Design

We also work closely with clients during the pre-production phase of new packaging launches in order to create innovative designs, digital renderings and prototypes which demonstrate our materials' capabilities.


Our printed tree free plates offer an opportunity for concession stands to be Earth friendly and supportive of their team. We produce an array of sugar cane and bamboo plates, bowls and platters that can be customized for any team. We also provide solid color Earth friendly cutlery that can match the team's colors.